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Debate Activity for BBA/BCA

G.L. BAJAJ Institute of Management, Greater Noida organized Debate Activity for BBA/BCA students on 17th October, 2018. The activity started initially by Gyaneshwari Soni introducing himself and jury members Dr. Dileep Singh (Director, GLBIM), Mr. Ankur Sharma, Mr. Puspendra Singh, Mrs. Arshjot Kaur, Mrs. Monika Bhati to the students.

Different teams participated in it; team introduced themselves by their team representative. Students created their own argumentative statements with their group members. Students were divided in to the groups and then in to two teams of that group and assigned as each team a side (i.e. for or against) of the debate. The "pro" group will argue for the statement. The "con" group will argue against it. Students were told that they don't need to personally agree with the statement, in order to argue for it in a debate. Each group told to work independently to write down points that will support their argument. Students are told to use their personal opinions to guide them, but they should back up their opinions with facts whenever possible.

After that, a formal debate started, one student from the affirmative side shares points. Then a student from the negative side shared. Each side will have a set time to rebut (or argue against) the other side's argument before the judges declares a winner. At last, results were announced and “Vaishnavi & group “secured the WINNER position. The thunderous applause that each group received by the gathering was testimony to the fact that each one of them was a winner as all the arguments had conveyed a powerful message then the students departed for their respective classes.