Academic Clubs


In addition to the syllabus prescribed by CCS University, GLBIM is also providing extra courses to enhance the skills and knowledge of students. Take a look on these courses:

Industrial Analysis

This is an additional course which focuses on the analysis of an industry and an analysis of firms within that industry. The learning objective for the industry analysis is to determine the job opportunities, strengths and weaknesses of various firms within a competitive environment. Students will be required to work in teams to analyze a particular industry. They will later make a presentation of their findings. The industrial analysis will help the students for their future employment based on their interests and primary area of concentration.

Social Marketing

This course is designed to teach the students how social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc can help to generate awareness of their business and how the enormous and ever-growing industry of social media marketing serves as a platform for customers, investors and employees to communicate with one another. Students will come to know how they can use various social media resources to grab attention of visitors to your website and promote their business.

Effective PowerPoint Presentations

Students will learn how to create a Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation. The learning outcomes of this course are to examine slide show presentation concepts and explore the Microsoft Office PowerPoint Environment.


Aptitude Club is a platform to train students in Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation for competitive exams. Aptitude tests are a part of pre-employment assessments to determine if you are intelligently fit for a job. Almost 75% of top employers use aptitude tests as part of their recruitment process.


The objective of this club is to help students in their Current Affairs knowledge enhancement so that they can excel in various activities like Group Discussions, Debates, Panel Discussions and so on.


In addition to coverage of syllabus, individual faculty members will organize additional lectures regarding recent developments in their subject domain. The students will broaden their knowledge, increase their skills, and learn about technology trends.


In today’s competitive professional world, a student needs to be good enough in soft skills such as vocabulary, professional communication, language, interpersonal skills, leadership skills apart from the academic excellence. The objective of this club is to impart such soft skills in students by conducting speech skills sessions, seminars and workshops on GD and other soft skills related activities in order to help the students in placement process.