Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA]

BBA is an undergraduate Business Management course with a duration of 3 years (i.e., 6 semesters) and total intake of 120 students. The BBA programme is designed to provide a student with conceptual, theoretical and practical knowledge in various aspects of the business. Through BBA course, students will get basic understanding of management education and their communication skills will be improved effectively which inculcate entrepreneurship skills. Students will get prepared to explore opportunities being newly created in management profession.

Old Course Structure

Semester I

  • BBA-101: Business Organisation
  • BBA-102: Business Mathematics
  • BBA-103: Principles of Economics
  • BBA-104: Book Keeping and Basic Accounting
  • BBA-105: Business Laws
  • BBA-106: Fundamentals of Management
  • BBA-107: Business Ethics

Semester II

  • BBA-201: Organisation Behaviour
  • BBA-202: Business Communication
  • BBA-203: Indian Economy
  • BBA-204: Business Statistics
  • BBA-205: Business Environment
  • BBA-206: Principles of Accounting

Semester III

  • BBA-301: Advertising Management
  • BBA-302: Indian Banking System
  • BBA-303: Human Resource Management
  • BBA-304: Marketing Management
  • BBA-305: Company Accounts
  • BBA-306: Company Law

Semester IV

  • BBA-401: Consumer Behaviour
  • BBA-402: Financial Management
  • BBA-403: Production Management
  • BBA-404: Sales Management
  • BBA-405: Research Methodology
  • BBA-406: Operation Research

Semester V

  • BBA-501: Managerial Economics
  • BBA-502: Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management
  • BBA-503: Income Tax
  • BBA-504: Cost and Management Accounting
  • BBA-505: Industrial Law
  • BBA-506: Fundamentals of Computer

Semester VI

  • BBA-601: International Trade
  • BBA-602: Strategic Management & Business Policy
  • BBA-603: Vat & Service Tax
  • BBA-604: Management Information System
  • BBA-605: Auditing
  • BBA-606: Fundamental of E-Commerce

QUALIFYING PAPER - BBA-008: Environmental Studies.

New Course Structure


  • BBA-101:Fundamentals of Management
  • BBA-102:OrganizationalBehavior
  • BBA-103:Managerial Economics
  • BBA-104: Accounting and Financial Analysis
  • BBA-105:Business Law
  • BBA-106:BusinessOrganization and Ethics
  • BBA-008: Environmental Studies (Qualifying paper)

Semester II

  • BBA-201:Quantitative Techniques for Business
  • BBA-202:Business Communication
  • BBA-203:Human Resource Management
  • BBA-204: Marketing Management
  • BBA-205 :Business Environment
  • BBA-206: Fundamentals of Computer
  • BBA-207:Assessments on Soft Skill Based
  • Presentations/ G.D/ Personality traits

Semester III

  • BBA-301:Advertising Management
  • BBA-302:Team Building & Leadership
  • BBA-303 Indian Economy
  • BBA-304:Customer Relationship Management
  • BBA-305:Management Information System
  • BBA-306:Income Tax Law & practice

Semester IV

  • BBA-401:ConsumerBehavior
  • BBA-402:Financial Management
  • BBA-403:Production& Operation Management
  • BBA-404:Sales& Distribution Management
  • BBA-405:Research Methodology
  • BBA-406:Entrepreneurship& Small Business Management
  • BBA-407:Computer Oriented Practical &Viva- Voce

Semester V

  • BBA-501:Arithmetic Aptitude
  • BBA-502:Aptitude Reasoning
  • BBA-503:General Business Awareness
  • BBA-504:General English
  • BBA-505:Elective Paper M-1/ F-1
  • BBA-506:Elective Paper M-2 / F-2
  • BBA-507:Summer Training Project Report based Viva- Voce
  • Note: Paper code BBA-501, BBA-502, BBA-503 and BBA-504 will be of multiple-choice objective type questions.

Semester VI

  • BBA-601:Strategic Management & Business Policy
  • BBA-602:Operation Research
  • BBA-603:Fundamentals of E Commerce
  • BBA-604:Economic and Industrial Law
  • BBA-605:Elective Paper M-3/ F-3
  • BBA-606:Elective Paper M-4/ F-4
  • BBA-607: Comprehensive Viva-Voce

The Elective papers in the functional specialization will be as follows:

  • Marketing:
  • M-1 Rural Marketing
  • M-2 Service Marketing
  • M-3 Retail Management
  • M-4 Digital Marketing
  • Finance:
  • F-1 Corporate Taxes-Direct and Indirect Tax
  • F-2 Financial Institutions & Investment Management
  • F-3 Cost and Management Accounting
  • F-4 Company Accounts


GLBIM’s BBA program empowers graduates with articulate business acumen, critical thinking and decision-making skills. The program is framed as per industry requirements with a globally benchmarked pedagogy and curriculum. It transforms the students as Performers who can lead the business as successful endeavours.
It prepares the student with a 360-degree approach that aligns with the Best International Practices and Standards. Acknowledging change and dynamism as an opportunity, the Institute prepares the student as a complete package comprising, knowledge, skills, and expertise to excel in any challenge in a global setting.

Some of the well-known areas where a BBA graduate can look for employment are:
  • Banks
  • Marketing Organizations
  • Educational Institutes
  • Business Consultancies
  • Multinational Companies
  • Financial Organizations
  • Export Companies

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