Workshop on Psychometric Test

Guest Lecture February 06, 2019

The expert team of BYJU’s visited GL Bajaj Institute of Management on February 6, 2019 for conducting a Workshop on Psychometric Test organized for the students of BBA & BCA. The BYJU’s team was given a warm welcome by our respected Director Dr. Dileep Singh along with the faculty members and students of BBA & BCA. The workshop started with the lightening of the lamp and Sarawati Vandana. The guests were honoured with the bouquet of fresh and blooming flowers. Dr. Dileep Singh, Director GLBIM, addressed the guests and showed his honorability to have the team on the platform.

After that the BYJU’s team started the session by providing the students with a lot of valuable information regarding the world scenario of management domain. They provided discussions on various scopes and aids to supplement the learning process of the students. The students were delighted to know about the future scopes and at the same time, were happy to get precious information. The further session aimed at opening of the new horizons for the students both inshore and off the shore particularly on the basis of performance in the GMAT examination. Further, the BYJU’s team ascertained the students how BYJU will help them to get through the examinations just by investing less time and learning optimally. A psychometric test was also organized to check the mental ability and alertness of the students.

At the end of the workshop, the team was presented a memento as the token of love and respect by our respected Director Dr. Dileep Singh. In his vote of thanks, Dr. Dileep Singh mentioned how privileged the institution is to have the expert team on board. Also the BYJU’s team was very happy to have such an effective interaction with the students of BBA & BCA.