Secretary Message

GL Bajaj Institute of Management is spirited dream of all of us to fetch excellence in the varied fields of technical education by the way of equipping the youth with true knowledge blended with practical skills and a positive attitude to seek meaningful employment and take them towards self-sufficiency.

We are investing continuously in infrastructure to make this group an unparalleled hub for technical education. Our main objective is not only to get you a professional degree but also to groom you to meet the challenges of the real world. We focus in promoting excellence both in the classroom and on the campus. I am confident that we will train you to be a trustworthy & valuable asset to any organization.

It should not be sounded as boastful statement, If I say sanguinely that budding professionals of GLBIM will turn out as master pieces & valuable assets for industry who will prove themselves as champions competent enough to take on the toughest challenges ahead. Sure enough to promise, we are dispensing the responsibility of developing and nurturing the world-class skilled & dedicated technocrats and managers who are competent enough to meet the global challenges.

With an assurance of yours best nurturing and advancement towards secure future, I wish you all a very bright and prosperous future ahead.

Pankaj Agrawal